A DiceChess Tournament during RTU Chess Festival!

We are very happy to announce that first time in history of Riga Technical University Chess Festival a DiceChess tournament will take place!

Now you are probably wondering what a DiceChess is 🙂 It is a game based on chess, only you determine what pieces to move by…rolling a dice! There are several other differences with regular chess, so to understand it fully, take a look at the complete rules below.

The prize fund for the 1st RTU DiceChess tournament will be 1000 eur! There will be 11 prizes in total, with special cathegories for juniors, women and senior players. A great news is that there will be no entry fee!

The event will take place on 7th August, at 10am and should take around 4 or 5 hours. The time control is 6min + 6 seconds. You can find full regulations below.

It will definitely be an exciting addition to the Festival and a great way for some fun and relax between the games.

DiceChess Tournament Regulation.

DiceChess Rules.