Exteremly tense situation in RTU Open!

With only 3 rounds to go, there are still around 40 players who could win the event! After 6 rounds Riga Technical University Open is entering final stage. Situation is still exteremly tense, as we have 8 players sharing first place, all with 5 points out of 6 games!

Three players from India, two from Latvia and Lithuania and one representative of Romania. Among them we have only one IM Paulius Pultinevicius, who is fighting for his third, final, grandmaster norm. At the moment his rating performance is 2689, so if he manages to stay calm, his dream might come true in Riga!

Eight players sharing first place is a lot, but it’s not the end of the story! What is even more impressive is that we have 29 more players trying to catch them with 4.5 points! That means around 40 players could easily still become Riga Technical University Open champions.

Top women player is IM, WGM Gunay Mammadzada from Azerbaijan, the only lady with 4.5 points. That means this talented player is actually one of the players who have chances to win it all! This has never happened in a history of the festival, but would certainly be a great moment. Gunay Mammadzada is also fighting for a GM norm, with rating performance of 2535 at the moment.

Other top female players after 6 rounds are: Tania Sachdev from India, Dinara Dordzhieva from Russia, Mai Narva from Estonia and Irina Bulmaga from Romania, all with 4 points.

Seventh round starts today at 3pm Riga time and all the leaders are going to face each other! This is definitely a promising round and we are hoping for a lot of fighting chess.

After the round there is held an evening reception for the participants and guests, so everyone can relax a little bit, before two decisive rounds, during a party with a wonderful view for an old town of Riga.

Make sure to follow live coverage by GM Toms Kantans and WIM Anna Kantane, and our broadcaster European Chess TV.

Here you can find the live broadcast.