Meet our team!

Our Festival is so successful thanks to the people who create it. While our core team remains the same from the start of the RTU Open, we are constantly developing to make this event more and more attractive, and we are very happy to have our new members joining us and bringing a lot of ideas to our team!

Our main members are:

  Egons Lavendelis (FM, IO) – Tournament Director. Main founder of the RTU Festival. Soul of our tournament, responsible for its success and wonderful atmosphere! He was also a Tournament Director of European Youth Chess Championship 2018, held in Riga, in Kipsala Exhibition Hall.

  Ingars Eriņš – one of the authors of the idea to organize the RTU Festival. Supporting us from the very beginning.

  Andra Cimiņa (IA) – Chief arbiter of Tournament A since the first edition of the Festival. Always making sure chess are a fair game and chess-players sportsmen with class. Do not mess with her!

  Māra Pudāne – co-organizer. Luckily, Māra joined our team in 2015 and is since making sure that all non chess-related matters are organized on the best level. You can often meet her at the info center. She knows answers to all the questions!

  Laura Petroviča – newest member of the RTU Festival team! Laura, together with Mara, will take care of the organizational matters not strictly related to chess. Also, thanks to her we now have a new website design – Laura is main creator of it. She was also part of the team during European Youth Chess Championship 2018.

  Anna Kantane (WIM) – media officer. Anna joined our team last year for RTU Festival and European Youth Chess Championship. In both events she was a big organizational help and our commentator. This year she will focus even more on making sure we get more modern, we interact with you on social media and a lot more! Together with Laura, Anna created our new website.

Toms Kalniņš (FA)  – registration process manager. Toms has been arbiter during RTU Festival for last 4 years and last year he has joined the organizer’s team for RTU Festival and European Youth Chess Championship.

But of course there are many more who help us to make this event one of a kind!