B - Amateur Open

Players with ELO until 2299

Dates: August 5-11

Prize Fund: 1’500 EUR

Y - Youth open

Players U14 with ELO until 2199

Dates: August 5-11

Prize Fund: 3000 EUR worth prizes

  • Late registrations

    Players whose application to tournaments A-E and Y will be registered after the 15 of July 2019 will pay additional charge of 10 EUR.

  • Late arrival

    Waiting time in the Tournaments A – E and Y in case of late arrival is 30 minutes.

  • Tie-breaks

    The following tie-break criteria are used: 1) Mini Bucholz, 2) Bucholc and 3) Rating Performance.

  • Entries

    Early registrations (by specifying your Name, ELO, Date of Birth, Country and accommodation necessary) for the tournaments A-E and Y should be sent before the 15th of July either by e-mail: or by filling the application form available at The onsite registration according to the schedule of the corresponding tournament is mandatory also for online pre-registered participants, including participants that have free entry. The organizers reserve the rights to exclude players that have missed the onsite registration deadline from the tournament.

  • Prize giving

    All players must be present at the closing ceremony to receive financial prizes. The organizers reserve the rights not to pay out prizes if the participant fails to do so.